Remedy Worked!!! How to Check ?

Lal-Kitab- The Geeta of Astrology – As i have always said the complete book is a book of pending karma and every single line written in it and can be interpreted in different ways depending on which way nature wants to take you with it.
You can either follow the literal word by word meaning and perform remedies or you can see the reason behind those advices to make sure you correct one of the biggest pending karma of life and the beauty of this book is both of them work one of the temporary part and another one for the life changing part.

As an example Mercury in 2nd house – Lal-kitab gives various precautions and remedies in this regards but till now and there is a quick fix which is when we take literal meaning of words and secondly there is a remedy hidden for pending karma of the native and depending on which one native want to take and it is same for each other remedy such as Do not keep temple in house for various positions of Jupiter but read between the lines -A book on pending karma does not want you to remove temple but to follow the dharma of masses.

Do Remedies really work and How we can identify if remedy has worked?

About an year back I was looking in to shapes and figures of different yantras and based on the work assigned to each yantra and then I realized there are different effects of each pattern and that is why some patterns are repeated- this helped me a lot in manifestations as Yantra -means machine.
As a machine is designed to solve specific purposes in life and then there is fuel of machine as well as output –

So during consultations whenever I will advice native to wear any yantra -I will give them advice on what they can expect after wearing yantra and that could be from native starting to loose weight or lot of people approaching him to help him in situation but at the same time whenever this is happening each yantra has a fuel, which is required from the native only-so all yantra does is convert this energy to solve problems and depending on how much fuel we are injecting the similar is the output.

Same is the case with Lal-Kitab remedies- most of the time – I will ask natives to do the remedies of donation on Sakranti/Amavas and Poornima to temple to make sure energy is balanced in chart and then will go on and explain why native needs to donate -few things and this is from both methods – Using Nakshatra Padas as well as Pending karma of Lal-Kitab.

There are some cases where the quick remedies are required and in that case what is interesting is -how that energy will show you -the remedy has worked or not- This is something -which I am always interested to see as when we do any quick remedy by throwing something in water or changing bath soap for the money matters -what we are doing is redirecting energy in a different house and that house should give us results.

Let us look at one example below- One of the friends was in severe problem and sent a panic email to help him out and I gave him a remedy but also asked him to see the effect to make sure remedy has worked as until and unless the energy has not been transferred to a particular house -how can we be sure about that remedy has worked.

I have not seen this concept in classical book but i think its time that we all should be more observant when we do specific remedies and what i meant by specific is – When you donate on Amavas that is not a remedy specific to planetary placement as we doing general donation but let us suppose you have Sun in 4th house in Libra and Venus in 6th house and you start donating 4 kg wheat flour to marriage hall – this is specific remedy to your chart and will give you results in better married life and attracting wealth from higher people and be more specific in generating wealth but the side effect of this one will be that your eye glasses should break and boss will start having problems with opposite gender in office due to the way people dress up in office.

This is the way we will confirm that remedy of 4th house Sun is working, so every single remedy we do specially which are synchronized as per our chart, the energy gets transferred to other houses and around us we see changes happening -and all this depends on what is the fuel we are giving to the remedy- sometimes it is not worth doing remedy and just go along with the flow as remedies will backfire if not aligned properly.

Such as if you remember the remedy suggested by our PM to light Diya’s in night few months back in April to switch off light and light a diya at 9pm -This was very specific remedy to Varshphal chart of India. and that was well thought remedy by some brilliant person.

This Remedy was good but -If any Aquarius ascendant would have done remedy that would have given him severe problem with siblings/ water breakage and thyroid just after that as I confirmed several Aquarius ascendant after that and all of them either had a fight with neighbor’s/siblings or water broke out in their house -They should not have done that remedy.

Venus & Violence

As the land of the culture of spirituality India is- The country where especially days are allocated to pray to female deities in such a country we have to hear the news of rape and horrible violence against women that makes us wonder whether even these news belongs to human or beast as even animals are more considerate towards others animals.

Have you ever thought why we dress up every morning or why only adverts on tv are of personal grooming/food/makeup creams- it is all because of the basic human desire that we all want to look good- 90% of the people work hard for money, power -all because that we want to look good to the opposite gender.

If you would have ever lived or worked in an environment with no women in it – you will realize there is absolutely no beauty and order in that environment and feeling of living in a primitive world with modern tools- I am telling you this from personal experience and observation- I studied in Electrical engineering- for 1 year we were in the same block with Mechanical guys and there was all-male including teachers in both departments and let me paint you a picture. The block was separated from the main building and had separate entrance gate – The college was on several acres and these two blocks were separated from everything and the result was that you will see guys attending class in pajamas, big beards -It was almost like set from flintstones.

So after 2 years Electrical was shifted to nearby IT engineering and Fabric Design department and now there was a balance of power as both departments had majority girls, suddenly a big change I saw in the class atmosphere- The guy who had a beard till knees suddenly started grooming himself and he knew that scissors are invented a long time back and barbers exist even one day he was complaining about -that why we haven’t got spa and body polishing treatment nearby college, The person who had worn only 2 shirts back to back and same jeans from last 2 years -somehow he got a wardrobe, but what changed- Why only due to presence of female these people got their shit together as now they are concerned that someone will look at them. We all dress up and behave like humans only due to females- If you think that is not true-Let me take you another Place -Ship.

I worked offshore where the crew was all men worked and this is over 27 countries I am telling you and moreover picture offshore is similar to the one below- There is a work schedule and everyone has a task to perform -You will see people covered in grease and oil working hard to make sure there is 0 downtime as every day there is a progress report to be sent.

When ship comes in channel which is like service road in ocean to come to port -which means in next 2-3 hours we will on shore- suddenly people start shaving and by the time it is on port -There will be people you can’t recognize because you have not seen them earlier on ship- You will realize it is same greasy guys now are cleaned up as now they have to go to bar to meet women.

Only women can bring art, culture, and peace to society -If you think who preserves your culture and religion -remember as a male it is not in our genetics to follow the cultural guidelines, and add the feminine touch-we all will eventually turn in to Electrical batch in the outside block but It is only your Sister, Wife, Mother who preserves the culture and remind you to live with art and beauty- It is only women who teach a kid about family tradition and raise kids in a beautiful manner.

Even wild west of US was developed when women like Madam Millie and Madam Laura Evans helped so many workers and turn the work site in to town by opening schools, churches and other ameneties.

It is only women where hormones are balanced as in the male body there is an extra hormone which makes male imbalanced in nature and a human which is imbalanced in himself can’t bring peace to society but as great as women are and everyone knows it represents your wealth, family life, luxury and comforts in life- but still, it is 70-80% of internet traffic is porn and people are interested to see other people doing sex, Porn is something which changes your brain structure by giving you visuals and then making you addicted to it – In the world where even water costs you money- How can you have porn for free? Who is paying for this and why? think about it – If you are watching porn – you are the one responsible for human trafficking -child abductions and human slavery.

If you are going to waste your sperm and disrespect women by watching porn -There is no remedy to get rich as you leave planets aside – you are continuously making sure that you get married life problems- you have problems related to wealth and finally spend a lot of money on medicines, To get anything in any country there is paperwork but to watch people nude -it’s streaming 24/7 – A government which sends you to notice for every small thing and notice every action- Do you think the government does not know about this? They do all around the world but they sit with close eyes and let your 16 yr old watch that image to destroy him inside out.

They are teaching physical violence’s and let your 16 yr old think about it -they are teaching it is ok to downgrade women and see them as an object.

Venus is exalted in sign of Pisces – The sign of leaving – Sattvic -Brahmin sign where you give out yourself to others -as to love something you appreciate and love and dedicate yourself- when you love something- You don’t destroy or get in to physical violence -Instead you protect like a mother does for a kid or spouse does for each other- They love each other by living together and take care of every small need one have out of love, if your marriage is only based on each other appearance and body -It is not going to last longer as you will never appreciate the qualities of your spouse.

It really feels good to criticize others -hit others – do violence as violence is not only physical -but also verbal, natives who have Venus in a bad position they are very good to fight, criticize people and make sure they win in an argument -which is very good but later on, all this will come back to make them poor in life and very bad family life and suffering to kids- Every single action you do has a reaction- nature stores it and make sure you get the result- How you think what you said to your office colleague to criticize him in front of everyone ? or to prepare a bad report against him How it is going to affect you?

But it does feel good when a coworker writes an email against manger and cc all in a very aggressive way as animals like to see conflicts, so if you are enjoying by conflicts/fights/violence- you are nothing more than a 2 legged animal- who can shit anywhere in public.

A human body which when burnt turns in to 20gm ash -if you remove the skin – you don’t even want to see it -so all this attraction due to skin color or facial feature on which you want to waste the most refined part of your body -Sperm.

A country where people fast for 9 days for Devi -has the highest number of abortions rate which is even illegal- How can that be possible. Abortions where the cut the alive child in the womb -piece by piece -and then take him out – How can these people achieve peace in life when you have killed a living human being who was about to come on this earth on your invitation. No amount of fasting or Devi sadhana is going to help you- none of the remedies are going to work. Lord Rahu in his dasha/antar will make sure you are dragged on the road for this.

If you really want to get rich in life -you need to leave violence weather it is physical, verbal or mental – You need to get a clean head to make sure you have the purity of Venus – If you practice it and you don’t get rich- If you don’t get your income doubled in 1 year-Please come back and write to me – That this remedy does not work.

Lal Kitab-Sun in 10th house

Lal- Kitab -The Geeta of Astrology is written in such a coded manner that it takes a great amount of effort to decode every single dictum written in it.

So Sun the planet for soul and morality when goes in the 10th house of the horoscope – A very special feature gets developed in the chart of “king living like a common man.”

Sun in the 10th house is so confident in itself of being a Dig-Bali Sun with so much directional strength that person of the attitude of not listening to others and making its own way in every field and this confidence is enough that other’s people opinion does not matter to him and that is why the feeling of inferiority complex does not bother him, for example, there will be people who get affected by “What other people will think?” -“What someone else will say” 10th house Sun gives the confidence of not getting bothered about anyone else and carry on with the work.

However, the most special feature which has not been written in any book or text is – The person does not upgrade his lifestyle even after getting rich and due to this his true worth is always hidden and in a result -he will get treated badly as society works on preception -your looks/ the way you present yourself- In the first house, Sun looks royal by the appearance that someone with very high potential power and the king is standing in front of you and that is the result of Sun in the first house in Aries but let us suppose Same Sun would have been in the first house in Virgo sign the result will be very different- So I will leave a blank here for students to see how they can predict – Sun in the first house in Virgo- what will be the Result?

Anyhow let us come back to Sun in 10th house- The remedy given in Lal-Kitab for Sun in 10th house is -Wear a Cap and with different combinations – different colors have been suggested but why such a karmic book will ask you to wear a cap ?

Cap in olden times used to represent your status, region, and family- Such as Style of the cap will give you an identity to make sure that people realize you actually belong to the Royal family or someone with a very strong background and the same way your power is realized without speaking a word rather than you explaining why you deserve some better treatment.

As Cap nowadays will be replaced by so many things which can represent your symbol/power/position, My one advice to people with 10th house Sun is “Please wear a Brand” this will sound like a challenge to people with 10th house Sun as their brain will go in Revolt state ” Why I will spend that money on Brand?” When I myself is a brand- Whatever I will wear will become a brand and that is somehow true for Sun in 10th house that whatever they do in life -The sign Sun is placed in and conjunction with Sun in 10th house that actually becomes the medium of brand in the chart.

Such as Sun in conjunction with Mercury- Person will have a revolting issue to buy a mobile phone which is already established company and rather go on for some random new company and this will be in all aspects of Mercury -Similar in education -Native will pick up an educational course which is not very much recognized and make it a brand in itself – My suggestion to a person with Sun-Mercury conjunction in 10th house will be -when your father will fall ill- Do not trust on Alternative healing and rather go on for standard way to diagnose as sometime when you will leave your ego of curing the disease (Mercury is the natural significator of the 10th house) -It will make your life easier but how can a person with 10th house Sun choose an easy path as it will never satisfy native’s ego of climbing a mountain and touching the Sky.

The desire of the 10th house Sun should start making his life choices easy by not reinventing a wheel and go on already established paths and procedures and focus the energy on relevant things to make the best out of the 10th house energy of Sun and secondly using established standards his life will become easy in dealing day to day activities.

As Sun in 10th house has a habit even to deal with the last troop and last activity which is happening around native and work tirelessly for everyone working under him but this activity is going to consume his time and efforts resulting is focus shifts -So the habit of nitpicking should go away and should not get involved in menial work -Like a person with a big golden hat will not deal with smaller work -It should be by his presence only other people start working as his identity is revealed by the cap.

Usually in big corporations – The CEO will never deal with any issue on lower directly to the employee who is 6 ranks lower to him -rather he will deal with his subordinate to tackle the issue -This is called as Chain of command- Now Sun 10th house should remember this as what happens is Sun in 10th house is people’s King, not the appointed one – He is the Chosen one- This also shows person got the position by starting from scratch so people feel comfortable approaching him as he has seen all good bad, ugly like everyone in the lower level but in this process sometimes the natural tendency of Sun of making a distance comes in and blamed as Egoistic, what people does not understand is – A person with position has other duties which require attention and hence a cap/ a office (again a wonderful prediction) Person with 10th house Sun should make a office and establish a protocol to meet people- As a famous BJP leader who is currently serving at present – He has a 10th house Sun- and he does not have a office or standard protocol to meet people as he started off from RSS as a worker and over a period of time become minister but his way of operating is still same and that is why People’s minister he is- A Person with 10th house Sun should focus on SOP’s and not resist these protocols.

Let me teach you another technique of Prediction- Let us Suppose Sun is Placed 10th to Moon- The Native will not follow any SOP related to the signification of the Moon and related to the house lord of the Moon. Such as if Moon is 2nd lord then related to family norms -native finds very difficult to carry name of family /traditions of the family.

Dasa Progression & Special Rules

In the Video of Dasa progression -I explained how a planet gives results of all 12 houses in its dasa -Anyone who has not seen that video -Please see the video first.

The shloka quoted in the Video is from Chandra kala nadi and by decoding a single dictum -we know rishis are using progression of planet to give results of dasa, Then there are some special rules related to dasa progression as in Chandra kala nadi -no one will write specially that you should special rules related to rules of dasa progression -It is same in Bhrighu Samhita- as only results will be written and you have to write down back story on your own.

So there were 81 more shloka or rules where I found rules of dasa progressions are there but planets are not there where they are suppose to give results as planets will change speed in one house for particular combination and also stay in a house for a longer time period to deliver some special results and sometimes speed up to reach a particular destination.

Vedic Progression by DS Mathur Ji- is a good book but it is not from chandra kala nadi and does not cover special rules and exceptions- However it does give a wonder overview of using various rules of progression.
I think as said in Gochar Phal Deepika- A planet gives results of all 12 houses and then he has used various parameters- I have not used principle made in the book much as focus is chandrakala nadi.

So out of 81 rules here are 2 special rules.

1) Any planet which has lost dig bala for example Sun in 4th house will not work with his own speed and will be dependent on speed of planet sitting with it, If planet is sitting alone then -it will acquire speed of rasi lord.

2) Any planet sitting in 4th to own house -will start progression from 4th from natal position only if Ketu is not placed in the 4th house to natal position. If ketu is placed then it will start from where Rasi lord of ketu is posited in the chart- In case Ketu and rasi lord are conjucted then next house from this -Journey will start.

There are in total 81 rules I have found which are simple and easy to follow in dasa progression but when you are using chandra kala nadi -Please do not mix Vedic progression book in it -Read between the lines of every dictum of chandra kala nadi as every prediction given such as in Dasa of Jup Rahu health of native’s mother will go bad after 3/4 of the dasa when Jup placed in 9th house- This is one such example of speed change and you have to look for similar examples with various dasas to come up with rules – This will take time but trust me it is worth every minute you spend.

These rules are more helpful and increase predictive ability when you know energy of Rasi and Nakshatras and can apply the results in progression.

Retrograde Atmakarak & Jaimini Manuscripts

Planets going in retrograde motion hold a very significant and special place in birth chart and there are several of predictions which can be made only using retro planets in chart. I have always used significations of retro planets which you cannot get easily in life as that is more visible form of using the predictions.

In Predictive astrology course and in some videos of Lunar-Astro as well, there are several predictive techniques given out to be used for predictive purpose but then at the same time retro planet are not easy as there are couple of techniques when i recorded video there is always an issue and i am unable to release it, as that is from nature to not share it.

There are at least 35-40 manuscripts I have till now on different topics and whenever i decide to share some techniques from them -sometimes it goes out like a clockwork like video on Kaal sarp yog and Ardh kaal sarp yog and some of the techniques which was given out without any issue and same is the case with Nakshatra padas knowledge but somedays are just “MONDAY’s” One way or the other things go wrong in video-like in video of 8th July- there is no voice at all in complete video of 90 mins- which was recorded for retrograde planets and how this rare text of Jaimini explains about various char karakas getting retro and effect on life, This would have been first time time that any text explaining in detail how a retro Amatyakarak can turn good or bad based on various conditions but anyhow its up to Jaimini maharaj to decide.

Then there is Bhrighu Samhita- which also gives clues on retro planets such as Venus retro in birth chart -Final days of native start getting lot of wealth and do not engage in any spiritual activity at all and before getting married native changes his profession and get settled in middle of the town-but this is surface of Venus Retro as there is complete book anyone can write on based on the information provided in Bhrighu Samhita on retrograde planets.

One of my Observations in terms of nakshatras is Venus retro in nakshatra of Sun -Kritika, UttarPhalguni and Uttarashada is the most interesting character and takes up responsibility without thinking twice and later on regret it badly- The nature of event in all 3 nakshatras are very different such as Venus retrograde in Kritika nakshatra will propose for marriage and then deny and back off and regret later on- Venus in Kritika the will cut off all ties with family to explore their freedom as until and unless they will stick with family -they will not be able to rise and then later in life they had to be very humble due to kids as there kids develop a genetic issues which make them very humble and back to family again.

You fee for this information is – comment with 1 chart with Venus retrograde in Kritika and effects in practical life -so everyone else can learn the variation of this knowledge.

Why you want to Learn Jyotish ?

For any action there has to be a motive behind it – It can be small- big, personal but there has to be motive as although Vasudev says in Geeta of nishkam karam– To not desire of fruits of your actions and I agree there are few things in life which are beyond profit and loss and you do it for the bigger goals.

Any type of action will have one of four motives and Jyotish is Same, this is from one of the articles of Shri K.N Rao – interpreted in different words.

1) Seeking Relief- This is the lowest category as when we get in trouble -we go to an astrologer and seek for any kind of remedy so the problem can go away- This is the lowest category as like an animal knows where to go at the time of crisis – That is how humans behave in time of crisis and slowly they know enough astrology to solve most of problems as they have visited n number of astrologers.

2) Making money- This is 2nd category when people like to make money and that is why they want to learn this science, they know their tools, weather it be transit or marriage date or Job date- They do a fairly good job- You will find good, bad, ugly all of them in this section as some of them really want to make money by fooling clients.

3) Learning Astrology- To discover something new as a curiosity of Mrighshira to enter a new domain and slowly they start to enjoy the new knowledge and they are hungry for it and will learn it seriously without thinking of profit and loss, just for the love of Jyotish.

4) To find themselves and give something in field of astrology-They work day and night like a mad person -cry, laugh and go through emotional turmoil to solve the puzzle and make everyday every minute of the life count for them life is small as they know what they are up against can’t be crossed until and unless Maa sarswati really bless them.

I have seen people going from Level-1 to 4 and vice versa.

My request to you all is when you feel like doing anything like a leg pulling in field of astrology as I see it as a trend to join fb/whatsapp astrology groups bashing each other – Sit down alone and think why you left everything and choose Jyotish, What was the reason you gave up everything for Jyotish.

Make your goal higher to give something new to the world of Jyotish- as if you will not then nature will choose someone else as an medium to get it done- Rather than reading a negative toxic comments – Concentrate on how you can do better and learn something new, As everyone has a work assigned by nature – Do not let nature assign you work of making others feel small.

So be clear in the goal of learning Jyotish- its not for friends, family or yourself- It for something far bigger – As if you are doing gayatri jaap -you would have understood by now- The power of Gayatri. You would have got those flashes of insights to give you goosebumps.

How to time events up to Day or hour & Birth time rectification.

There are couple of methods to time events up to day or even up to hour and some of them quite very simple – If you can follow simple instructions -its like a no brainer activity -All required on your end is knowledge of houses and Planets.

The one of the methods and Dasha I always recommend is Kaal Chakra Dasha-As during my readings I have used it extensively to time events up to date and not only me -There are several students who used Kaal chakra dasha and its techniques to the Praan level- to correct their birth time rectification as the special feature of this dasha is used to see death but When Mahadev was explaining this dasha to Maa Parvati- He used only the word death but the same principle is used to seen birth as well. As no one can be born until and unless a specific sequence in dasha runs.

This dasha when someone use it for first time- It becomes like a surprise as how accurate this is as below is the feedback from one of the students.

Timing using deha antardasha

Jun 17, 2020, 9:22 AM (1 day ago)
to me

Namaste Deepanshu ji,

A few days back I tried to time a career related event using deha antardasha of Rahu, who is in my 10th house. The times that I noted down for the 16th of June were – 8 am – 10:17 am in the morning, and 9pm-10:32 pm at night, for Rahu deha antardasha. I wanted to see if I would receive any job related communication at these times.

I was very surprised to see that at 8:50 am – I received a message on my linkedin from a recruiter who I had contacted a week ago, but more importantly, at 9:33 pm I got an email from an HR manager, about a job I applied for last week. Usually I never receive emails from recruiters at this time, actually this is the first time it’s ever happened that I’ve received such an email at this time of the night. Just wanted to share this very small incident.

Thank you
Best regards,

We have given some portion of the technique on YouTube for everyone to test- Please do test it as this is best and most easy dasa to take out Marriage, Job and moreover Birth time rectification.

Solar and Lunar Eclipse-Troubled times

I will write carefully but try to read between these lines in the article, there is lot of advice for everyone of you and a brilliant technique of predicting future outcomes as well.

There are few principles of eclipse and some of them have reptetive patterns -such as 2 eclipse in 14 days will result in war and in 1999 during the time of kargil we have already seen that happening,

In the year when Mercury is varshesh -Army is going to suffer badly and moreover it will start on two ends- The first eclipse which is a lunar eclipse happening on 5th June 2020 will happen in Jyestha Nakshatra -which signifies king and government and affliction to this nakshatra shows troubled time for government as result of any lunar eclipse we should see in next 15 days -So the trigger warning we all will get in even before the solar eclipse.

The Solar eclipse is in Mercurian Sign in naksahtra of Mars- it is clearly the Mars and Mercury combo in both eclipse and will going to start troubles in border areas of the country and moreover in the Indian ocean with trigger points at Andhra Pradesh.

Then comes the Solar eclipse of 21st June happening in Sign of gemini and nakshatra of Mars and dasha sequence which is running is clearly indicating regarding goverment troubled time with finances will occur and it is very likely possible for the goverment to abolish some financial acts as well.The effect of solar eclipse will be seen in month of July but trigger for this will start in June itself, If to be specific moreover around 26-30th July we will see this happening.

Sunshine-We will rise again.

In the darkest of times when you don’t see light,
Body start shivering and nothing is going right
May someone broke your heart or Issues in your career,
You have been throw under the bus by your lover & Senior.

Remember you are a warrior and battle is your religion,
Doesn’t matter the battleground -everyday its an occasion,
To show your glory and earn your stripes,
Sometimes behave like a Bhairav to get things right.

Put your man pants on with smile on face,
Get out of toxic relationship by keeping your grace,
You have enough talents to get work done,
Your family needs you more than blood sucking corporations.

Call your family and share your thoughts,
Never skip meal with friends in food court
Have someone in life to guide you through,
May be a friend, books, Mentor or a Guru.

Sing and Smile in darkest of the times,
You will get through and the Sun will rise
Control your desires to keep up the peace,
Never sacrifice relationships as wounds are Deep

In darkest of times -when there was no light
How can you believe that Sun will never rise ?
Sun will rise and so is your glory, time will teach you every time a new story
Problems are there to make you strong, To make you better even if it takes long.

Books for Beginners in Jyotish.

I have written some of the really essentials one’s only but these books will not only help you get started in Jyotish but also to understand the subject very well- Please go through it -I have added amazon links below to avoid any confusion. The list contains for both Hindi and English as well.

I have over 1200 books in which some of them are manuscripts, some hand written and I haven’t came across a book which hasn’t taught me anything as sometimes its not the time that you will get the essence of the book, As if you are mentally prepared the book will start revealing everything you need to know and beyond it and even a single sentence will start giving you cramps due to happiness and same book will seem ordinary for some other person.

Its all about how we perceive anything in life or appreciate the beauty of the book- Venus Rahu combo/ 2nd lord with Rahu/Rahu connection to 2nd house will make sure you see and value things beyond normal -which very few people can see- The stronger the connection get- the power to see the value in any person/object increases while Jupiter in 2nd or aspecting second house can hardly judge wrong or right, I have explained that earlier as well.

So here is the list of 7 books for beginners in Jyotish.

1) My Experiences with Astrology– The book is about Journey of Dr. B.V Raman on how he became Jyotish and challenges he faced, This book will grip you as not only you will learn several principles of Jyotish but also how Jyotish really calls you. Here is the link

2) How to Judge Horoscope- Part-1 and 2- B.V Raman– This is really a good book to see how to quickly analyze any house and rules related to a particular house in any chart.
An old astrologer Bansal ji use to say- If you can read only this book -you become half astrologer and he was not wrong as book contains lot of information.

3) Fundamentals of Astrology- R.K Bhat– This is another good book to understand every house- I recommended it various times to see significations of houses and planets- In this book as well as in Lal-Kitab -5th house is referred as Umbrella while in another classic -I found Moon as Umbrella and body odor to be seen from 7th and same is for the perfume, Why i am telling you to pay attention these minor details as this will be used in remedy and predictions later on- Such as Mars in 7th in Gemini Sign will make perfume which is made of Tulips or similar fragrance.

Here is the Link –

4) Advance Techniques of Predictive Astrology– This is a good book with lot of reasoning and covering almost every topic in Jyotish and definitely recommended to read even if you have spent some years in Jyotish as well.

Here is the Link- Advanced Techniques of Predictive Astrology Vol-1 & 2

5) Compendium of Marriage by Mridula Trivedi– This book although covers marriage in detail but also teaches several principles of Jyotish which can be applied to any chart- This book really helped with all doubts related to marriage issues as there are several examples given in the book.

Here is the link –

Now starts the Hindi List

6) Dev Vichar Mala by- H.N Katve- This has been referred by K.N Rao Ji several time when he quotes H.N Katve -It has several gems which no other book contains such as Moon in sign of Mercury will give business related to flowers but also name will be also associated with flower only so very different list of significations are in these books.

7) Sachitra Jyotish Shiksha- This is another gem of books comes in set but contains almost everything a beginner needs – I still refer to it as it contains everything from start to end.

That is it- I believe if you can read at least 2 of the above listed books- you are good to go as this will give you better understanding of subject and get you started.