Remedy Worked!!! How to Check ?

Lal-Kitab- The Geeta of Astrology – As i have always said the complete book is a book of pending karma and every single line written in it and can be interpreted in different ways depending on which way nature wants to take you with it.
You can either follow the literal word by word meaning and perform remedies or you can see the reason behind those advices to make sure you correct one of the biggest pending karma of life and the beauty of this book is both of them work one of the temporary part and another one for the life changing part.

As an example Mercury in 2nd house – Lal-kitab gives various precautions and remedies in this regards but till now and there is a quick fix which is when we take literal meaning of words and secondly there is a remedy hidden for pending karma of the native and depending on which one native want to take and it is same for each other remedy such as Do not keep temple in house for various positions of Jupiter but read between the lines -A book on pending karma does not want you to remove temple but to follow the dharma of masses.

Do Remedies really work and How we can identify if remedy has worked?

About an year back I was looking in to shapes and figures of different yantras and based on the work assigned to each yantra and then I realized there are different effects of each pattern and that is why some patterns are repeated- this helped me a lot in manifestations as Yantra -means machine.
As a machine is designed to solve specific purposes in life and then there is fuel of machine as well as output –

So during consultations whenever I will advice native to wear any yantra -I will give them advice on what they can expect after wearing yantra and that could be from native starting to loose weight or lot of people approaching him to help him in situation but at the same time whenever this is happening each yantra has a fuel, which is required from the native only-so all yantra does is convert this energy to solve problems and depending on how much fuel we are injecting the similar is the output.

Same is the case with Lal-Kitab remedies- most of the time – I will ask natives to do the remedies of donation on Sakranti/Amavas and Poornima to temple to make sure energy is balanced in chart and then will go on and explain why native needs to donate -few things and this is from both methods – Using Nakshatra Padas as well as Pending karma of Lal-Kitab.

There are some cases where the quick remedies are required and in that case what is interesting is -how that energy will show you -the remedy has worked or not- This is something -which I am always interested to see as when we do any quick remedy by throwing something in water or changing bath soap for the money matters -what we are doing is redirecting energy in a different house and that house should give us results.

Let us look at one example below- One of the friends was in severe problem and sent a panic email to help him out and I gave him a remedy but also asked him to see the effect to make sure remedy has worked as until and unless the energy has not been transferred to a particular house -how can we be sure about that remedy has worked.

I have not seen this concept in classical book but i think its time that we all should be more observant when we do specific remedies and what i meant by specific is – When you donate on Amavas that is not a remedy specific to planetary placement as we doing general donation but let us suppose you have Sun in 4th house in Libra and Venus in 6th house and you start donating 4 kg wheat flour to marriage hall – this is specific remedy to your chart and will give you results in better married life and attracting wealth from higher people and be more specific in generating wealth but the side effect of this one will be that your eye glasses should break and boss will start having problems with opposite gender in office due to the way people dress up in office.

This is the way we will confirm that remedy of 4th house Sun is working, so every single remedy we do specially which are synchronized as per our chart, the energy gets transferred to other houses and around us we see changes happening -and all this depends on what is the fuel we are giving to the remedy- sometimes it is not worth doing remedy and just go along with the flow as remedies will backfire if not aligned properly.

Such as if you remember the remedy suggested by our PM to light Diya’s in night few months back in April to switch off light and light a diya at 9pm -This was very specific remedy to Varshphal chart of India. and that was well thought remedy by some brilliant person.

This Remedy was good but -If any Aquarius ascendant would have done remedy that would have given him severe problem with siblings/ water breakage and thyroid just after that as I confirmed several Aquarius ascendant after that and all of them either had a fight with neighbor’s/siblings or water broke out in their house -They should not have done that remedy.

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  1. As always so much knowledge shared that will have to read at least one more time and at the end one wished that there was at least another few pages to read just like you don’t want a good book come to the end.

  2. Sir,you do not give consultations,and these types of consultations are not given by others,so what do we do in times of distress.i am in dire need of your consultation ,i wrote on your website too, for consultation,but did not get any reply.

  3. ग्रहों और राशियों की ऊर्जा को समझ पाना और उन्हें डिकोड करना आपका ज्ञान और अनुभव काबिले तारीफ हे सर । thanks for this sir

  4. Hello Deepanshuji , Ur researches are really
    amazing ! Want your consultion . please strat early as possible!🙏🙏🙏

  5. Sri Deepanshu ji, Wishing you all the very, very happy Navaratri days and wish Ma Durga will bless us all.

    Once again you suggested the method of clearing the pending karmas. Even to understand what is Atman? one has to root out all pending karmas. As per Patanjali Yogasutras it is ‘dosha beeja kshaya.’

    Being a sadhak I am continuously searching for the info to clarify my doubts. Suddenly few thoughts arose in my mind. Why we are suffering? Why we are unable to taking steps to root out pending karmas since childhood? How to know the remedy? How to know the working and result of the said remedy? etc.

    Crux is everyone has to attune with God whether it is Avyakta Brahman or Brahman, to attune individually one has to do meditation, for peaceful homely environment the house should be in accordance with Sthapatya Veda. In this our ancient Rishis gave importance to ‘square,’ if we add square to another square it will become rectangular, if we are going on to add squares, it will be infinitive. Our ancient Rishis identified the value of ‘golden ratio.’ For aesthetic sense this divine proportions are used. So, ancient Rishis developed their findings basing on immortality. If the houses we are living are in tune with Sthapatya Veda and Golden Ratio, we will get rid off many bad karmas invisibly due to perfect alignment with cosmos or cosmic consciousness and will be happy.

    Why Hindu way of life is disturbed? Lack of cohorence among individual, home or dwelling place/s, cosmic consciousness and attuning with God.

    Mathematics is playing hidden role in all activities of Nature, to measure these ‘time’ or kaala is essential.

    Crux, is if the above perfect cohorence is disturbed our lives are disturbed. If
    we understand and follow these ‘golden ratio’ in day to day life we will be happy. In the YouTube videos of Praveen Mohan I observed this golden ratio is relating to mrutyunjaya mantra, yantra. Why we are suffering is due to lack of coherence. Kalaamukhis ( worshippers of Siva ) are perfected this divine knowledge.

    A lot of info is available in the web on golden ratio i.e. images, designs, pdfs, videos etc. To know this golden ratio Adobe Illustrator is very useful. Our sadhaks or Scholars or enthusiasts are suggested to think about this and have to do research. On one day we will find this golden ratio has an influence on Astrology also.

    Crux is reason for sufferings or pending karmas is lack cohorence only. Enthusiasts are requested to share their views on this. As per Sthapatya Veda our houses or temples or offices have to be constructed within a square for perfect alignment with cosmos. Golden ratio and Fibonacci are giving clues. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ji developed this Vedic Architecture in a systematic way.

    If we understand this subtle truth we can understand working of Nature, time, kleshas or karmas, remedies, astrology, Sthapatya Veda, immortality, Patanjali yogasutras etc. Hindu way of life is very mysterious not easily understandable by all. Without discrimination anyone can pray and attune with God. Why we have to follow religious beliefs, teachings blindly? Someone has to reveal these subtle clues. Mathematical principles are hiding behind this. Astrology is useful to forecast our future and pave way to know past life bad karmas.

    Why can’t we use this golden ratio concept to Astrology also? Link Ratri Suktam, Ma Kali, Kalaamukhis, Sri Vidya etc. Expert researchers like Sri Deepanshu ji have to think of it.

    Once again warm Navaratri wishes to all.

  6. Hi Sir ! Excellent concept as taught by you.About lighting diya’s somehow I did’nt do as it came in my mind,intuitively.Do you think it did’nt happen as I am an aquarius ascendent…I’m stil waiting eagerly n I’m sure that someday I’ll be lucky enough to get a Consultation from You….regards

  7. Yeah sometimes it better to go through worst period n let karma take care of it.
    Just letting time take care of best.

  8. Deepanshu ji I have become a die hard fan of yours , the day I went through your first video. Although I have just enrolled myself in beginners course. Everyone has its own story of suffering. God had blessed you with super natural power and sixth sense. You can not provide solutions to everyone , that’s practically not possible but God has sent you in this world for the benefit of sufferers. Although you are doing best possible by teaching others but you can not produce another DEEPANSHU.
    Find out some way to provide solutions by consultation.
    I don’t know whether you will find time to go through this email.
    Dr. Anand Verma Lucknow

  9. Wow ur amazing predictor🙌, I nvr found anyone in such a way😇, really great content wd beautiful pics👌…..Plz accept my heartiest gratitude Guru Ji🙏💐🌈🌟👏

  10. Thank you sir, how amazing is this, if allowed can we discuss this in facebook on which remedy gives what effect for confirmation, like giving milk on Shivling(which is probably amogh for Moon) but how it can effect the individual, ie which house

  11. I have sun in 4th in my Lagna chart , yes I have serious problem in marital life. Can I donate wheat flour? Should I go for chart analysis ?

  12. Hi sir,

    The article is worth following but, wat if mercury is marak in the chart?? Can we still do remedies od mercury.

    I m desparately waiting for your consultations. My son’s all planets in 12th and 8th house. Exalted saturn though in 8th.

    Swati Shukla

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