Lal Kitab and 8th house Mercury

8th house Mercury is considered as -“flower for dead” in Lal -Kitab and it is not considered good.

As i have told in several post before as well -that lal kitab belongs to the house of Scorpio and that is why 8th house matters are very special in Lal-Kitab as i recevied several emails and messages on how after ordering a Lal-kitab they got several significations of the 8th house in their chart- Some of them good and some bad.

As that is how 8th house is -It can be good or bad but in lal-Kitab 8th house Mercury clearly show that you have forgot to pay last respects to someone very close that is why you have got 8th house Mercury and you have unfinished business with this planet that is why planet has got in 8th house.

8th house is a gateway to go out of the chart and then come back in via-3rd house- These two houses are the exit and entry point in any chart until and unless we complete our journey and exit via 12th house of final journey till then we have to keep using 8th house and 3rd house.

12th house Journey requires preparation while 8th house is a sudden event – You will see few people before they leave their body they start wrapping up their business as they know -its time to go but most of them are not ready and its sudden that is why exit is via 8th house.

Planet in 8th house shows in past life you have that particular signification not completed -So Mercury in 8th house is very karmic and signifies communication -This person might wanted to convey something to family members but never able to pass on -How do we identify this in this lifetime as we have to do consultation and need to confirm as who has seen what has happened in past life.

The golden secret is – ” In this life as well whichever relation Mercury signifies in charts by lordship and by Signification native will not be able to attend the final rites of this person and his during final days of that relative native will not be able to meet him/her.”

Such as if 6th lord Mercury in 8th house then native has some unfinished business related to maternal uncle and aunts in this life and will not be able to convey his feeling to them although their will be affection between both of them from starting and a special relationship but soon due to family rifts or some misunderstanding they will go apart and never be able to communicate with each other -As well as during last rites of maternal uncle and aunt native will not be able to reach on time as well as their last rites will not be done properly.

If their are any planets in 8th house -Remedy is to donate the significations of these planets in cremation ground whenever you get time as whenever you will do remedies related to 8th house -you will see lot of big transformation in life.

Here is the Video on 8th house Mercury in both Hindi and English.

22 thoughts on “Lal Kitab and 8th house Mercury”

  1. Sir, please also tell about remedy for rahu in 8th house. What can be donated related to rahu in cremation ground as a girl.

  2. Thanks a lot sir for this wonderful technique. I checked in the several chart & its working 100%

    in one case there were two sisters and Children of the both of them had same kind of planetary placement . 8th house mercury with 9th& 12th House lord .

  3. my mercury is in 8th house along with saturn in scorpio sign. Also mercury is my atmakaraka.

  4. Sir….my 8th lord Mercury is in 8th house in Gemini alongwith Saturn & Venus….. so which relative last rites are pending for me? also, ive seen your Mercury video, for donation, should be donating some electronic device (mercury)/ white cloth (venus) to cremation activities? or what else? Kindly clarify

  5. Sir,
    What about Mars in scorpio (11th house
    Capricorn ascendant)
    Should I go ahead with lal kitab and read it ?

  6. Hallo sir my brother has 2nd house Rahu . My parents build toilet in left side of house while enterin the house . Since then he is not speaking to any of family members. What would be the remedy ? He is saggitarious lagna with Rahu in 2nd house .
    Shall I tell my parents to break the toilet

  7. aanya kalburgi

    I have Rahu in Scorpio (debilitated) in 8th house and I am running throughout its Dasha past 16 years believe me sir I feel like I don’t want this life again you can’t get the grace of God in this period. it’s totally hell plz help me sir 🙏🙏

  8. mars+ketu in 8th house in gemini in birth kundli but in cusp kundli mars ketu in 7th house. what to donate?

  9. mars ketu in 8th in libra in birth kundli. in cusp mars ketu in virgo in 7th house what to donate?

  10. mars ketu 8th house in gemini in birth kundli ,in cusp mars ketu goes 7th house in taurus.what to donate?

  11. Namaste Sir….I have been your youtube disciple for more than a year..
    I have some doubts regarding lal kitab concepts….I will be blessed if you answer them….
    1. There are no rashis in annual chart. Should we take as kaal purush one.
    2. Remedies of the planet is to be done as per birth chart position or annual chart position.
    3. Validity of the remedy is just for a year or long.
    4. 31st year means 30-31 or 31-32.

    Waiting for your positive reply.

  12. Respected Sir,

    Could you pls help me understand my pending karma? I have 8th house Mercury in Pieces (Let Lagna) with Ketu i.e it is lord of 2nd and 11th house.
    Mercury is retrograde and combust and debilitated along with Ketu and I am in mercury mahadasha as well.

    I am eager to transform myself but it is not clear to me what I need to do.

    Thanks in advance..

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